1. Typecast

From the recording Mint Cake

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©2019 Joel Camins


I haven't talked to you in days
I tell myself it's just a phase
But I am typecast in a role
A lonely man alone at home
But when you finally come around
I can't think of nothing else
Are you for real?

You got me strung up on a line
Holding out for more sunshine
Reliving stories from the past
Just to try and make this last
Are you for real?
Yeah, are you for real?

You don't come around that much
But still I'm craving for your touch
You don't answer when I call
Like I don't mean that much at all
But when you give some time to me
You give me something I can't believe
Are you for real?

If it's your game of cat and mouse
And curiosity aroused
I gotta say you're doing fine
You make me want you all the time
Are you for real?
Yeah, are you for real?

And years from now will this mean anything to me
Or ended up faded, just a distant memory
Could it be true?
You want me, too?
What do you feel?
Are you for real?

Oh, you can't be real