1. Drama Queen

From the recording Mint Cake

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©2019 Joel Camins


Now that you've led me
So astray
Why won't you let me
Make it all go away
When you said the other night
That you won't put up a fight
Well, you had me on my knees
Just trying to believe you
My drama queen

Now that you drove me
Out my mind
And taken over
What I thought was mine
I'm feeling all betrayed
By the patience that I gave
It's so predictable with you
But I always see right through it
My drama queen

You gotta go home
(When you gonna go home?)
You think you're bad to the bone
But you're nothing at all

Now that you've got me
Figured out
You've got no problem
Putting words in my mouth
The things you think that I would say
Would have come out another way
And I keep asking to myself
Why do I always reach out to you?
My drama queen
Oooh, drama queen